The Egg Cave Splash!

The EggCave fansite


    The third ever Egg Cave fansite, created for your creative Egg Cave needs. Get and submit banners and graphics centered around and also submit and/or read egg cave related writting.  The site is currently undergoing some changes in construction to be more sufficent, let us know if you have any questions at the FAQ page.

      Occasionally there are even some exclusive interviews & unique topics. Plus, you can submit writing for the Egg Cave Times too!


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Honor Eggs

      This is the spot to have your eggs shine. Writers, contest winners, & different contributers to this site can show off some of their Egg Cave family if they win or help out in certain ways. The number of eggs displayed are most often 1 to 3 but different events give you different opportunities. Sometimes you don't even have to do anything but be a member! So sign up & take a look.

Give these eggs some care & appreciation, they earned it. ^^ 

"Currently no eggs here." ):

Splash Pond!

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Notice: These fish are in need of names. Read more about it in Splash News, then enter your ideas in the forums page titled, "Fish Naming Ceremony."

Notice: Some, have already been named.


Meet the site fishies. The red one is Cherry, the yellow is Lemonade, and the spritely little orange fish is Mango. The green fish was named Mo, but is sometimes called Little Acorn.

National Clock



And round of votes have been tallied, a few more names to go...